Halloween Hunting Part 1! Whitby Abbey Illuminated & Other Festivities!

We couldn’t let the best time of year go by without our yearly pilgrimage to some of our favourite haunts! This year we travelled to the place of Dracula (& the occasional goth!) with 2 things on my mind - the Illuminated Abbey event & chips. We had so much fun, managed to bag a lot of free tasty gin samples (dangerous down the 199 steps) & got to spot some of THE best decked out Halloween windows the town had to offer!

Check out our edited* (it was VERY hard to be selective of photos!) photo album of our fave spots & what we got up to!

Whitby Abbey Sign
Rainy Streets of Whitby
Festive Pub Decor
Dracula Experience
Sanderson Sister in Whitby
The Blitz Tearoom Whitby
Shop Windows on Halloween Eve in Whitby
Giant Spider Halloween Decoration
Hanging Jack o Lantern
Alcohol in Lovely Bottles!
Welcome to Hadley's Fish &* Chips Whitby
Best Fish & Chips Ever
Whitby Abbey House & Gift Shop
Whitby Abbey Illuminated Side Angle Shot
Multicoloured Illuminated Abbey
Illuminated Abbey
Giant Bat Prop Whitby Abbey
Plaque in Whitby Abbey House & Museum
Whitby Gin in Whitby Abbey Gift Shop
The White Rabbit Whitby
199 Steps Limited Edition Dracula Whitby Gin
Hot Chocolate at Whitby Abbey on Halloween
Dracula's Cloak Hook
Sherlock's Frontage
Sherlock's Tearoom Witches in Whitby on Halloween
Freshly Baked Scones Sign
Whitby Panoramic